Arka brings ECG expertise into every GP practice, medical centre and community hospitals

From secondary care to primary care

Many GPs do not see sufficient ECGs in their practices to be able to confidently interpret the hundreds of possible variations. As a result, many refer their patients to secondary care for outpatient appointments.

Arka offers GP practices, medical centre’s and hospitals access to immediate, expert, clinician interpretation of ECGs which enables ECGs to be interpreted immediately, and within the GP practice, thereby reducing the need for outpatient referrals and improving patient care by reducing waiting times for diagnostic tests.

The monitoring equipment we provide is tried and tested, yet unobtrusive. All the equipment is manufactured under stringent quality standards and meets international levels of excellence. We find that our clients appreciate their operation, user-friendly display, compact size and, because they operate with only one wires, they can normally be placed anywhere at your convenience.

An immediate interpretation is given

Practices which subscribe to the service can send ECGs to the Arka Centre by internet or telephone and receive an immediate a full written clinician interpretation within minutes.

The ECG machine provided is connected to a laptop and is easy to use. The unit can then securely transmit the readings through any internet line or telephone directly to the Arka call centre which is constantly available 24/7. Once the ECG has been transmitted to the call centre, from there it is sent to a cardiologist, where it is captured and displayed on screen. The transmission time is just few minutes. Medical professionals receive ECG trace, along with a written report, It can be printed on a plain A4 sheet of paper.

Extensive usage and excellent feedback

The centre has interpreted hundreds of thousands of ECGs with excellent feedback from GPs, practice nurses and patients. It now serves a large number of GP practices, medical centres and hospitals in various parts of the country, allowing all of them to benefit from immediate interpretation of ECGs by expert clinicians.