Arka Technologies, Ltd. is a distributor and Integrator of high-end security technology in India.  We offering  unique, integrated solutions for Indian public security.  We offer advanced capabilities to detect threats in all of the critical CBRNE segments - chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive. Our CBRNE units are compact, portable and simple to use compared to laboratory instruments that perform similar functions and our products are much more rugged and affordable. Their sensitivity, accuracy, and low false alarm rates compare favorably to other units designed for use in the field.

Public Security Technology

we distribute public security technology that falls primarily under many categories.  We have worked hard over the past years to make sure that our manufacturers are well known in the Indian market and that their products maintain an upstanding reputation. This is accomplished through a strong understanding of each product we sell, expertise in each industry or market the product is sold in and requirements of the end user, and excellent after-sales service and support.

We focus on building relationships with both our manufacturers and customers that last.

Security Screening

Security screening in India, whether that be airport, event, government building, border protection, or other application, presents its own unique set of challenges.  Our the years of experience in security screening, combined with the latest technology and techniques allow us to implement systems that effectively reduce terrorism and criminal activity while maintaining high throughput.

Materials Identification Materials identification is a field that spans quite a few industries and applications, and uses tools that rely on a small number of base technologies.  Our team understands those base technologies in-depth, and our experience in the Indian market allows us to reach the customers that need them already, and those that can gain value from adopting them.