Healthcare provider organizations globally are facing enormous pressure due to the fast-changing economic environment and medical trends; from reducing waiting time to overcoming healthcare costs, to quickly phasing out legacy systems and growing statutory demands from respective authorities. Arka provides customized solutions that address the needs of healthcare providers.

Hospital Information System Service Offerings

Hospital Information System (HIS) enables healthcare providers to improve their operational efficiency, reducing costs and medical errors, while enhancing the quality of care. It brings about integration of patient management, administrative operations, and clinical processes, giving rise to an efficient system. The solutions include addressing the needs of Healthcare Providers which include implementation of Hospital Management Systems, Application Outsourcing, ERP for hospitals, BPM for hospitals, implementation of Healthcare Standards, CRM for hospitals and Healthcare Portals.

Hospital Management System (HMS)

Arka can play the role of a System Integrator by providing the best-fit HMS product to meet the needs of Healthcare Providers and in the implementation of Hospital Management System (HMS).

Application Outsourcing

Arka has matured and robust Application Outsourcing Processes that are designed to ensure quick and smooth transition, effective and efficient sustenance, and continuous improvement in service levels for Healthcare Providers. This process also helps meet Healthcare Providers’ strategic objectives by providing cost effective solutions and adding business value. Our offerings cover the entire spectrum of application development and maintenance.

Enterprise Application

Every Healthcare Provider's environment is an amalgamation of various functions, processes, and interactions that invariably involve people - both within and outside. Since one cannot focus on a single process or function or improve upon using technology without extending the same to the other areas, there is a need to have a system that integrates all these constituents. Gone were the days when technology was used only for a specific area in one's business domain. The world has witnessed a sweeping change; the new generation entrepreneurs prefer a common technology platform that integrates all their systems.  Consequently the use of ERP solutions for healthcare providers has expanded across the world. The last few years have seen hospitals worldwide implementing best-of-breed enterprise applications with a vision towards “Total Enterprise Integration”. This extends beyond the internal organization, even to its suppliers and customers, aiming to improve efficiencies, lower costs, retain profitable customers and thereby increase revenues. Also there is a need that the Enterprise solution accommodates the multidisciplinary approach to healthcare delivery, enhance quality of care, reduce costs and increase availability of information to the stakeholders.
At Arka we recognize the need for our clients to achieve total integration for rapid ROI. Our range of consulting and IT skills can help you reengineer and reinvent your products, services and processes. Arka Technologies can be your trusted partner for an effective ERP solution for Healthcare Providers

Business Process Management (BPM)

Healthcare professionals face many challenges as they strive to deliver high-quality care to patients, manage a broad range of administrative tasks, interact with health plans, and stay current on the latest research. Collaborative health technologies enable healthcare providers to bridge the gap between IT systems and automate the flow of health records across the continuum of care.
Arka’s services for Business Process Management (BPM) space include a complete portfolio of service offerings, expert technical consulting and effective end user education to help you compete in today’s highly competitive and fast changing business environment.
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM for healthcare has a business strategy that goes beyond increasing transaction volume. Its goal is to increase profitability, revenue, and customer satisfaction. To achieve CRM for healthcare utilizes a company-wide set of tools, technologies, and procedures promote the relationship with the customer to increase sales.

Arka has extensive domain experience and provides flexibility to select the desired applications and offer extensive integration and scalability. It has the best breed of alliances with healthcare vendors.

The Arka Advantage

Arka has a dedicated Healthcare Practice that specializes in offering customized solutions to meet the growing requirements of Healthcare Providers. Having forged strong partnerships with high-end Hospital Management product vendors, Arka is well-equipped to address the needs of hospitals with the right mix of world-class products and implementation expertise.

Arka has vast domain expertise to address the needs of core healthcare service providers such as hospitals, clinics, laboratories etc. These solutions cut across technologies ranging from enterprise-wide systems, web-based systems, to real-time systems and system integration solutions.

The Arka Advantage includes:
  • Integrated Clinical, Financial and Patient Management Solutions
  • Prompt decision-making and problem solving
  • Centralized billing and administrative controls thereby reducing costs on manpower
  • Quick ROI through resource management