Asset Management

“The monitoring of assets of an organization to avoid a loss of profits due to, misuse of information, theft of both hardware and software, break downs.” The process of auditing physical asset records and maintaining records in an enterprise can be daunting, especially when the number of supporting detail records is in the thousands or tens of thousands, which is not an unusual situation.The monitoring of assets that are part of Unified Infrastructure Management System like Computers, Laptops, Fax Machines, Phones, Software etc.

Requirement of Asset Maintenance, Auditing & Breakdown Management:
  • Security of Data stored in Various Machines within the organization.
  • Physical Security of Assets like Laptop, Printers, Phone Instruments, Fax Machines etc.
  • The ability to define rights/permissions and process rules about assets like laptops to enable their use while protecting the rights of owners.
Asset tracking and asset management means:
  • Knowing where the assets are located.
  • Knowing where the assets were last located.
  • Knowing the assets which have gone missing and also knowing how many assets the company possesses.
RFID based Asset Management System:
  • Real-Time Asset Discovery and Notification.
  • Eliminate manual configuration identification.
  • Tracks historical changes, generates alerts.
  • Maintain and manage a complete, accurate audit trial for asset in the enterprise.
  • Elimination of loss of information.
  • Elimination of theft.
  • RFID can bring new level of accuracy and efficiency in terms of tracking and keeping maintenance record of Assets and Materials for the Organization.
Often this information proves to be beneficial when an asset contributing highly to the overall revenue has gone missing leading to losses. The concern is not always the value of the asset but the cost of not knowing where and how many assets there are.