EXPLORANIUM® GR-460 Mobile Radiation Detection System

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EXPLORANIUM® GR-460 Mobile Radiation Detection System
Radiation detection, nuclide identification, automated mapping and more, all in a rugged, mobile system for land vehicles and aircraft.

The GR-460 mobile radiation detection system is a powerful, versatile system for measuring and mapping radiation in urban and rural environments - ideal for cargo and facility security, emergency response, nuclear surveillance and military force protection.

The highly sensitive GR-460 system measures gamma radiation levels and identifies a variety of radionuclides. The system is also available with neutron detection capability.

The GR-460 system is designed for use on land and in the air. Mounted on an SUV or other land vehicle, the GR-460 can quickly scan cars, trucks, cargo containers and railcars, buildings and surrounding spaces, urban and rural disaster sites, vehicle routes and other areas. Mounted on a manned or unmanned aircraft, the GR-460 can survey and map large urban or rural areas quickly and automatically.

A rugged, automated system
The GR-460 system includes a gamma detector and an optional neutron detector in a rugged hard-shell case; an analyzer unit with a digital spectrometer, data recorder and basic system control functions; and an optional rugged laptop computer with advanced display, monitoring and control features.

The GR-460 can be operated by untrained personnel or can operate unattended, transmitting data wirelessly to remote locations in real time and recording data for later analysis. The system can replay a recorded survey while continuing to collect live data.

Powerful mapping capabilities
Using its built-in GPS receiver, the system can plot radiation intensity and location of sources in real time. Map data can be transmitted to a remote operator in real time, and can be exported to ASCII, MapInfo®, ArcView GIS® and other common formats. The GR-460 can also help pilots plan and follow efficient survey routes.

SAIC - a world leader
SAIC has provided thousands of radiation detection systems for security, emergency and military applications around the world. The GR-460 system is available with SAIC’s global installation, training, maintenance and technical support.

Key features
  • Rugged system for land vehicles and aircraft
  • Gamma and neutron radiation detection
  • Radionuclide identification
  • Geographical mapping
  • Unattended operation
  • Real-time wireless transmission
  • Real-time recording and Playback

The GR-460 software includes features for system control, spectral display, charting radiation levels, alarms, geographical mapping and much more.