End to End LifeCycle Testing to meet testing needs at various phases of SDLC
  • Test Planning : Analyze the project charter and objectives to come up with a test strategy and test plan.
  • Test Design : Test Cases and scenarios are built to in accordance with the explicit and tacit requirements.
  • Test Execution : A pool of manual test execution resources interpret test cases to execute them on the system under test and log the test results and report (log) and verify defects.
  • Defect Management : Ensure proper documentation of defects and assign priority; Triage of defects to appropriate areas; Follow-up of defects through their closures and tracking appropriate status through the life of the defect.
  • Test Process analysis : Document and summarize the results of the testing activities that occurred as well as provide evaluations and recommendations based on those results.

We cover following testing types to ensure the end product is reliable and efficient.
  • Functional Test : Design test cases and execute them to ensure the system objectives have been met and that the system correctly performs all functions as specified in the System Design.
  • Regression Test : Conduct regular smoke tests or manual and automated regression test to ensure the added features have not impacted the existing functionality of the system.
  • Performance Test : Help run tests such as load test, scalability test, stress test and transaction test to evaluate the performance of the system.
  • Manual Test : A pool of highly skilled manual testers will execute the tests with adherence to strict quality standards.
  • Automation Test : Identify test scenarios which best fits for automation and create and execute the automation scripts.

Our experienced teams have testing experience on following architectures
  • Monolithic-Legacy systems
  • Client Server
  • BrowserBased technologies
  • ERP technologies
We offer following Test delivery models to cater to clients needs
  • Onsite
  • Offshore
Specific elements of Arka’s Testing Services include :
  • Manual and automated testing of software products or systems
  • Functionality, compatibility, performance, load, and stress testing
  • Tested frameworks conducive for measuring and managing the applications' quality
  • A vast array of automated testing services using proprietary and open source testing tools
  • Complete testing project ranging from last minute testing of software release to complete outsourcing of quality assurance activity
  • Review services to evaluate engineering processes and test strategies Proven process to correlate test results with post production performance
  • Wide array of hardware and software configuration to support extensive real time environments
  • Comprehensive repository of test cases and checklists useful for expediting development of test cases for a variety of standard scenarios
Value to Customer :
  • Increased opportunities to refine product functionality with more productive time available for design and development
  • Accelerated product release through well defined testing process in tune with the project schedules
  • Assured high levels of ROI by utilizing Arka's specialized testing infrastructure and resources
  • Comprehensive range of testing services with highly trained resources to meet the customer's specific needs
  • Robust and time tested processes certified for effectiveness