Passenger Information Systems

Arka offers Passenger Information System for the transport industry. In addition to a complete range of front, side, and rear daylight viewable LED Destination Signs we also offer an integrated Automatic Vehicle Location System for stop name display and announcement. Easy data loading & route selection is possible with the help of Driver Controller. User friendly programming and operations enables display of route number, destination name, warning and service messages for passenger information.

A Passenger Information System (PIS) consists of a CCU application which controls LED display boards fitted in the bus. The display board shows route and stage information on which the bus is currently plying. The internal display board is also capable of displaying advertisement contents as configured from the backend application.

Today's passenger information systems are the key communications link between transportation operators and the traveling public. Along with system reliability, safety, and general appearance, the ability for operators to provide accurate, current information on arrival and departure times and gates information the traveler needs to keep moving efficiently—is a key component of customer satisfaction.

Arka's integrated Passenger Information System provides up-to-date estimated times of arrival and departure for buses. The system delivers the ultimate in operational flexibility and integration, seamlessly accepting data feeds from CCU and state-of-the-art public address systems.

The Complete solution comprises of following blocks.
  • Integrated Controller Unit in the Bus
  • LED display sign boards
  • Voice announcement System (Speakers)
  • Vehicle Tracking Device (GPS Based)