Fluid Film

Fluid FilmŽ is the worldwide standard for corrosion protection and Rust Inhibitor.

Fluid FilmŽ is a lanolin based rust / corrosion preventive and lubricant that provides long term protection and lubrication for all metal surfaces. Fluid FilmŽ locks out and displaces moisture while lubricating moving parts for extended periods of time. It will not be readily washed off with water, but creates a barrier of protection that continues to work even in the most corrosive of environments. Fluid FilmŽ is the worldwide standard for corrosion protection and lubrication.  

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Arka in association with Kamal Elektronix (Exclusive Distributors in India) is proud to announce FLUID FILMŽ an unique lanolin-based brand of corrosion preventive and lubricant, used Worldwide in a multitude of industries and applications. Arka is exclusive marketing partner for positioning and branding FLUID FILMŽ in Indian market. 

Fluid Film Product Family 

        Aerosol Can - Grade AS.          One Gallon - Grades: Liq A, NAS, AR, BN, WRO-EP
                                     11 3/4 OZ (333g), 12/CT                                   1 US gal, (3.8 litres), 4/CT
    For penetrating corrosion prevention and lubrication, Fluid Film provides a long lasting, non drying coating that is safe to use on paint, plastic and rubber. For larger applications that require greater coverage, Fluid Film gallons provide more product at greater cost-saving
        Hand-Pump - Grade NAS.        5 Gallon Pail - Grades: Liq A, NAS, AR, BN, WRO-EP
                                      12 oz, (340g), 12/CT                                    5 US gal (18.9 litres)
    For sensitive or delicate applications where no propellant is desired, Fluid Film spray offers the convenience of bulk in a small package. It is also safe to ship by air. For larger applications that require greater coverage, Fluid Film pails provide more product at greater cost-savings than the gallon or can.
        Brush-Can - Grade NAS.          55 Gallon Drum
                                      8 oz, 24/CT                                   55 gal (208 litres)
    Built in applicator. Eliminates messy over spray for detail applications.
    Allows for uniform coverage. Economical, no wasted product.
    FLUID FILM in the 55 gallon drum delivers the ultimate value in bulk packaging.
    Over 11,000 square feet of coverage. Apply by brush, roller, or pressurized spray.

    Fluid Film products offer powerful corrosion protection for all metals and superior lubrication for all moving parts. They are long lasting, thixotropic liquids and gels that have been used for over 55 years in the highly corrosive marine environment of ships and offshore drilling rigs. More recently they have been introduced and successfully utilized in the lawn & garden, aviation and automobile industries, as well as providing an eco friendly solution for home maintenance. Facilities where they are used include government, commercial fishing, gas companies, farming, salt, power, and industrial plants. Fluid Film is formulated from specially processed wool-wax, highly refined petroleum oils and selected agents to provide corrosion control, penetration, metal wetting and water displacement. These long lasting products contain no solvents, will not dry out and will penetrate to the base of all metals, providing corrosion protection from both natural and industrial atmospheres. Heavily corroded and/or frozen parts such as nuts, bolts, shafts, etc. that would normally be damaged during maintenance, can be salvaged by applying Fluid Film.

    Fluid Film contains no solvents. That statement alone means a number of things:

    1) No evaporation. No evaporation means more useable product, which in turn means a much better value for your money. Most competitive products contain as much as 70% solvent, meaning most of what you spray evaporates and contaminates the atmosphere.

    2) Non-tacky application. With solvent-based materials, the end product ends up being a gummy, sticky mess. Fluid Film will NEVER get tacky, retaining a super-slick consistency that provides excellent lubrication for moving parts on all metals.

    3) Eco-Friendly. No solvents means no ozone depleting chemicals contaminating the atmosphere. It is classified as non-toxic and non-hazardous and is safe to be used inside the home, as well as out in the field.

    Fluid Film is manufactured using an all-natural lanolin base. Lanolin is of animal origins, extracted from the wool of sheep, which use it as a waterproofing wax to aid in shedding water from their coats. It has been