Infrared Body Temperature Detector

The system tracks the body temperatures of the moving crowd being monitored and fires the alarm as well as the warning light when the temperature of any individual is detected higher than the pre-set value. Tecos AWT88P & 66P provides the most accurate and consistent method of mass screening for elevated body temperatures that may indicate a fever. By identifying people who may be infected, Tecos AWT88P & 66P can help prevent the spread of contagious diseases such as influenza, H1N1, Avian flu, and SARS.


Airports : Prevent passengers from spreading contagious diseases
Businesses : Safeguard the health of patrons and employees
Schools : Help provide a safe environment for students and faculty
Hospitals : Quickly detect patients and visitors with high fevers


• Easy to setup and operate
• Operator-free automated screening
• 0.05°C sensitivity; 0.3°C accuracy
• Internal body temperature display
• Visual and audible alarms
• No external calibration source required

How It Works

Tecos AWT88P & 66P is a completely passive device and emits no harmful radiation. A high accuracy infrared temperature detector measures skin temperature by detecting and quantifying the infrared energy that is continuously being emitted from the face. As individuals walk past the screening station, skin temperatures above a pre-defined threshold are detected and displayed in the screen. An audible alarm is activated to notify personnel that a temperature violation has occurred.

Tecos AWT88P & 66P can be moved quickly to alternate locations in order to screen additional groups of people or to accommodate changes in pedestrian flow.

Automated Screening

Automated screening simplifies the screening process, reduces the demands on operators, and improves screening measurement accuracy. Tecos AWT88P & 66P detects when a subject is passed through the infrared detection range and then audibly issues the results.

Highest Screening Accuracy

One of the most important benefits of automated screening is improved measurement accuracy, consistent measurements can be performed that more closely reflect internal body temperature.

Visual &Verbal Commands

Because Tecos AWT88P & 66P issues audible commands to instruct individuals during the screening process, operators are able to focus more attention on processing violations and line control. In fact, if screening stations are designed properly, a single operator is able to monitor multiple screening stations simultaneously!