RFIDPark - an intelligent, cost-effective vehicle identification and parking management solution that integrates RFID Technology, Automatic Control Technology and Applications Software.

This solution can be used by office building owners in which there are many offices and each office has been allotted a fix parking place. This solution authenticates the vehicle to enter a parking lot and also keeps a count on the number of vehicles allowed for a particular office in that building.

Arka's  RFID Park  can  provide  independent,  non-stop  systems  for security,  parking,  and  access  control.  Our  RFID  technology  provides businesses  and  communities  with  hands-free  control  to  ensure  only authorized vehicles have entry. The system can also provide access data for administering periodic details.

This technology allows for a streamlined, simple and efficient access solution to Corporate. However, it also allows for a solution within corporate campuses / buildings, with respect to parking. RFID provides an access control solution for parking towers and it tracks and tabulates how many cars are parked on each floor. This lets it calculate how many free spaces there are and where those spaces are located, to provide the information to people entering the parking tower. This eliminates the process of having to find a parking spot the minute the person enters the parking lot/tower, he knows exactly where he will have an open spot.
  • Accurately identify and authorize vehicle movement
  • Collect and record vehicle movement data
  • Analyze traffic patterns to maximize facility utilization
  • Increase security within the parking facility
  • Manage staffing for peak traffic periods
  • Relieve congestion
  • Improve customer service

  • Advantages:- Applications:

  • Real Time Parking Status Monitor
  • For Commercial Complexes
  • Automatic on-Site Inspection
  • For IT parks
  • Optimize Human resources
  • Buildings with Multiple Offices
  • Realize User-Controlled Override and Space Reservation
  • Malls
  • Car Park Utilization Reports
  • Gated community
  • Proper Utilization of Parking Space
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Hassle Free Parking for the Drivers
  • Hotels